Sunday, March 8, 2009

Matinee Swing Jacket

So, I finally finished this jacket and looooove it! It turned out so cute and fun! Next time I want to make it short sleeved and a little shorter in the torso! So, fun and stylish don't you think? : )


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh!! I want one! You should sell them!! So darling, classy and elegant. You amaze me with your skills!!! Looks great on you! Gray is such a great wintery color.

Stephanie said...

Jenny, pick a color you would like it made out of and I'll do it for you! : ) Lion Brand Cotton-ease is the yarn I used and this color is taupe. They have several colors to choose from so just let me know, K? : )

henryteachers said...

This is just beautiful Stephanie. I can't believe you made it. Wow! I loved your post above about Britton too.