Saturday, March 21, 2009


So, I've been called to the Enrichment committee! My friend and I were in charge of the decorating. We were told to use pink and lime green...

Recycle shipping boxes, gift boxes, etc..., look around the house for cute 12 x 12 paper and fun fabric(we used Julia's princess cape under the main presents, and any leftover party stuff, for great prices go to Xpedx for the huge roll of wrapping paper and tulle.

More choices...

So, now that the cabinets are mostly in, we now have to choose a countertop. Anyone have any suggestions between these two: Tropic Brown or Giallo Santo?

St Patrick's Day

The kids came home with green marker all over their hands and I about flipped! They know I don't like it when they write on themselves and here both Nicholas and Julia had bright green marks all over the tops of their hands!!! Agh!!!!! As I went to scold them, Nicholas and Julia both said, "Mom, Dad wrote the green marker on us so we wouldn't get pinched at school!" Sooooo, I suppose the only logically thing to do was get mad at Eric! : ) My goodness!
So, at school, Julia was introduced to Leprechauns. She came home and wrote this cute note, which I found taped to the driveway, with her green snow boot on top.
It was so cute! A little while later, Julia came running in, just beside herself. She said, "Mom, Leprechauns are not real..." She was so sad. She didn't tell me who told her, but she was pretty upset. (as a side note, Eric and I didn't tell her leprechauns were real to begin with.) But Eric thought he would leave her this note...

Eric said Julia read the note and then scribbled all over it saying, "Dad, that's your handwriting and I know it!" What a funny St. Patty's Day!

Somewhere Inn Time

So, Eric and I didn't make it to the Singers Reunion last night. Eric surprised me with a stay at Somewhere Inn Time. (Eric hasn't done something like this since our honeymoon.) We picked up yummy food at Kneaders and spent the evening watching the movie, "Love Affair" with Warren Beatty and Annette Benning. It was one of the 1st movies Eric and I watched together before we started dating--(In1998, we watched it with my roommates: Jenny, Laura, and Tami, along with some guy friends, Rob, and Matt. It seems so long ago...)
Eric and I had a blast! We had Hugh with us as he still does not sleep through the night, but what a great get-a-way. This was the first time Eric and I have ever left the kids over night with someone else. Dustin, Eric's brother, and his wife, Julia, were gracious to stay over. When we arrived home this morning, Julia came in the house and said, "I don't want you to be home yet!" I guess she loved having her aunt and uncle watching them! (Thank you Dustin & Julia!) It was a wonderful evening! Thank you Sweets, umm, I mean Eric! : )

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our 10th anniversary!!!!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 10 years! (except that 4 kids show the time) hehe... Eric and I are off to a BYU Singers Reunion/dinner tonight. It's rather fitting considering we left on our honeymoon right in the midst of some major Singers practice and returned home the day before a huge concert! Ahhh, those were the days when that was all we had to worry about... ourselves and little else. haha
It's been a fun and crazy ride! In the past 10 years, Eric and I graduated from BYU, had 4 kids, bought and sold our 1st place, moved twice, bought our current home, kept the same job, but moved companies like 4-5 times, and absolutely love where we are right now in our lives. Here's to another 10 years! : )

Monday, March 16, 2009


I was going through my email today and deleting a lot when I came to an email from last May. It was a goodreads update from my nephew, Britton. I haven't been able to delete it. I suppose it's my way of having a connection to him since he is no longer with us. I went into his profile and saw the "send a message" button. I clicked on it. I know what you are all thinking... why do that, right? Well, I guess we all have ways of dealing with grief and so I sent him a message. It went like this:

Hi, Britton! I have been thinking about you lately and just wanted to say, we missed you last night at grandma and grandpa's. Everyone was just as loud and crazy as ever, especially when the ice cream came out. My heart aches knowing you are not here with us. I know you must have some very important things to do right now. We certainly miss you and can't wait to give you a big hug! Love you lots!

Aunt Stephanie : )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Matinee Swing Jacket

So, I finally finished this jacket and looooove it! It turned out so cute and fun! Next time I want to make it short sleeved and a little shorter in the torso! So, fun and stylish don't you think? : )