Monday, February 8, 2010

Our family!

Our family at Christmas, sorry it's blurry...


Out to dinner with friends

Jenny, Brooke, Kim, Ann (standing), Stef, me, Jenifer, Lanae, Robin, Susan

It's a moving away party! We will miss Jenny alot!

Ana at her Preschool Christmas celebration

For once Ana wasn't toooo afraid of Santa!

Pretty angel!

Ana cuts her hair before Thanksgiving!

This is what happens when a 4 year old is by herself too long...
She actually looks happy to get her hair fixed!

Short hair suits Ana. She picked out a style so she knew what it would look like.

Nicholas' snow ball

Halloween night

Eric enjoys carving pumpkins with the kiddies and here was our spooky porch!

Ana's preschool Halloween party

Ana sure makes a cute monkey!

Family Home Evening

Julia was in charge of the family night activity and it was making everyone doggy ears!

What's growing around our home!

We grew our own popcorn!

Earlier in the summer the kids wanted to plant something. And this is what we reaped! This was so fresh and tasty. It popped up mushroom style! We have to plant more next year!

Our first ever Halloween block party!

The party schedule:
bob for apples, watch the Great Pumpkin, donut eating contest, stuff popcorn skeleton hands, and of course, the Ya Monster game in the basement!

It was such a fun night! We had quite the crowd of kids from the street over and Eric wants to make this an annual Halloween tradition!

What's more fun than throwing sticky eyeballs at the ceiling??? There are lovely brown dots all over the ceiling now..., but the kids sure had fun!

Eric took this of the gypsy...

We had a little of everything: Star Wars, Harry Potter, princesses, animals, etc... in costume.

Annual Southridge Farms excursion

Neighbor friend, Anna Dutton, then Ana, Julia, Hugh, background neighbor friend, Nathan Dutton, Nicholas, and neighbor friend, Jacob

Ana picking out her pumpkin

Hugh picked his funny shaped pumpkin right away!

Hugh at one of Julia's soccer games.

Hugh, me, Eric, & Ana

We always enjoy this fall tradition of riding out to the pumpkin patch and getting Aggie Ice Cream after! Yum!