Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Blankets

Minkee and flannel rag quilt. It's the first rag quilt I've made. I love how it turned out!

Front view

Back View

Minkee all the way! I love minkee!

I had some fun fabric and created these baby quilts! Wish I had one to keep! : )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bake items!

This week we watched 2 nephews: Jacob, 11, and Justin, 9. They as well as Nicholas and Julia, were asked to bring items for the PTA Walk-a-thon Bake Sell. Each grade wanted different items, so we have muffins, cinnamon rolls, and star and flower sugar cookies on sticks. It was a lot of work and by the end of the night, I was tired and grumpy. Eric volunteered to ice the cookies. I find it funny that I start out so excited about projects and by the end I just want to be done with them...
BTW: At the end of the bake sell, everything we made was gone! So, it was worth it! One thing I learned about sealing cellophane bags is that you can use your flat iron (for hair) to melt the cellophane, thus, your baked goods won't dry out! Just make sure you use a thin tea towel between the cellophane and the iron. They looked commercially packaged!


Nicholas was the 1st one down. We didn't even know it was him when we looked up to see a kid flying in the AIR!!!!! and he still landed it on the sled! Eric said, "wow, that kid got some serious air. That was awesome!" When the kid got up, he yelled out. "Dad, did you see that?" Eric was completely flabbergasted to see it was Nicholas! Needless to say, Nicholas (the very cautious one) did not even attempt to do that again. haha

Uncle Thor not wanting his picture taken...

Hugh fell asleep within minutes of being put in his seat. And don't mind the pink boots...Eric is dying that I put him in them. They were the only ones his size in the closet.


During winter, I tend to sew a whole lot more! This time it has been purses!

In a one-horse open sleigh!

Nicholas' Junior Jazz team

This was Nicholas' last game! They had a great time playing together. Nicholas posted 19 points one game. He said he can't wait to tell his kids that story!

Nephites or Lamanites?

Our Popcorn!

We finally popped our popcorn we grew last year and it was delish! It is mushroom shaped!

Relief Society Invites and Program

If you're wondering why I am sharing this, well, it's mostly for my memory. It was such a fun night. With 108 invitations, we drew quite the crowd for the Relief Society's 168th Birthday.

And yes, I made these with the help of Julia and Ana. I'll be honest, it was a ton of work. Yeah, I was a little crazy and overly ambitious, but I would do it over again and again. It was that fun for me. Each invite and flower was different... individual from the rest representing the uniqueness in each lady invited.

Winter Crafting takes you to warm places!

Pretty things to make...

Julia decided to create mer-people. Mom, Julia, Ana, and Dad below. Pretty funny! And yes, we've discussed being modest. hehe

Bear Den - Tall Tales

I have been given another calling in the ward: Bear Den Leader! Yes, quite a new experience! We decided to dress up and share tall tales. Now this is what I call fun! Nicholas is on the back right holding a rubber mallet. He was John Henry!

Dec. 2009

We made gingerbread houses with the Larsen cousins and here is a little sampling... not sure why pictures were taken of only 2 1/2 houses though.


Just a few photos of Summer hats...Eric and Nicholas received them for Christmas, but Hugh thinks one is for him!