Saturday, November 15, 2008

Julia and Reflections

Julia and Principal Susan Hayes

Julia entered the PTA Reflections contest at school. The theme was "WOW.
So, Julia painted, cut, glued, etc... her art work. So fun for her!!! : ) I think she got her artsy side from Grandpa Young. He is quite the talented artist too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Win 20 pairs of Babylegs!

For those who don't know about Babylegs: they are baby legwarmers. They are versatile in that you can use them under pants, instead of pants, as arm warmers, in place of tights, etc... They are warm and protect little knees with baby crawlers. They are awesome!!! I use them on my arms in if I'm wearing short sleeves and it's a little nippy out. Check them out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Harry Potter Quidditch guy!Angel Julia!

Julia was wiped out by the end of the night. We found her asleep in the middle of grandma and grandpa Halliday's piano room. How she slept through a million cousins running around her is something I can't even comprehend. : )

Alas, we didn't get a picture of Hugh as he threw up on his tomato costume. He was very cute!

Ana's Preschool Parade

Ana dressed as a princess enjoys school, especially her teacher.

Pinewood Derby

Nicholas enjoyed his first pinewood derby! Eric helped him make a truck. It was pretty fast as Eric hot glued the weights in the truck bed. Nicholas was awarded "best placement of weights."
There were hot dogs and nachos to munch on as well as the movie "Cars" playing to entertain the young kiddies. It was a fun night.

Nicholas earns his bobcat!

Nicholas enjoys his first pack meeting by earning his bobcat! He can't wait to go to cub scouts every week. And it's so nice he can just ride his bike to the church!

Eric & I

It was a nice Sunday afternoon when I convinced Eric to stop working on the dinner for a fall pose. Cute isn't he? If you want to know why we look so tired, well, let's just say we've been playing tag team. While baby Hugh and I stayed with nieces and a nephew at their home every night for 7 days, Eric held down the fort at our home with our other 3 kiddies. Ahhh, it was a little crazy...

Stephanie turns 3...???

Yes, it was my birthday. Let's just say... Eric forgot... However, to give him some credit, he did get me a gift a while back and had it in his office... a 2nd hard drive. So, it wasn't romantic, but I really needed it. Eric made a homemade fudge sauce and we made some delicious sundaes, fitting as I am not a real cake fan.

South Ridge Farms Tradition

It was UEA weekend and Eric invited his parents and sister, Darcy and her family to come to South Ridge Farms with us. It is an annual tradition for us to go to the apple farm and ride the tractor to the pumpkin patch. And you really can't leave without getting the yummy Aggie Ice Cream. It's so creamy and delicious...

Grandma and baby Hugh, Uncle Lance to right

Nicholas' Flag Football

Believe it or not the weather did warm up a bit for this game. Nicholas is one of the fastest boys I've ever seen!!! I'm not being biased... : ) He's a natural athlete with a lot of ability. The team had a lot of fun playing without all the tackling! Nicholas loves football!

Sports... Wind... Cold...

Nicholas had his first flag football game and instead of taking pictures of him, I found myself wrapped up in a blanket. The wind was frigid! Here are cousin, Olivia, with Julia and Ana.
Cute girls!