Monday, September 21, 2009

Hugh and Eric celebrate their birthdays

The girls decided to find things around the house to give Eric and Hugh. It was very funny what they came up with. Ana said, "Dad's going to laugh." She put his dress shoe in a sack with a card and ribbon, with the help of Julia. I had to get a picture it was too funny. And sorry it's blurry.

Hugh's 2 and Eric's 30 something... The kids always remember if you ask them. : )

The scenic route home from St. George

The checkerboard mesa

The scenic route took us through Zion's National Park, up through the Big Rock Candy Mountain and more!

Can you see the lizard?

Eric at the top of Big Rock Candy Mountain

In sunny Hurricane for Joshua's baptism

Dad with most of the grandkids!

We went down to St. George/Hurricane for Joshua's baptism. We had such a nice time. Even Dad was able to come in for a few days. It was a lot of fun!

Eric singing in place of Dustin

A few weeks ago, Eric received a call from his brother, Dustin. Dustin asked if Eric would take his place as tenor in a local choir concert. (Dustin and his wife were taking an impromptu cruise and would be missing the concert.) The performance was at the Orem Public Library. The theme was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Here is a small portion of what I was able to record before Hugh had a lovely fit...

It's a bat! It's a baby! It's half the size of Hugh!

We grow 'um big around here! hehe

Julia's playing soccer!

Julia's team is called Lightening! At this game, Julia played goalie, forward, and defense. She almost made a goal! Go Julia! (Since she is such a bookworm, we're really glad she has found something active she enjoys doing!)

Labor Day with cousins

Hugh eating an apple off our tree

Ana and Jakob

Ana and Elena

Diann and Ronny and their family came up for the weekend. We all had a blast. Dustin and Julia came over for the football game. BYU beat OU! We ate great food! We stayed up way too late and ate yummy treats! We played outside and had a relaxing holiday!

Ana's 1st day of preschool

Ana came home so happy from preschool... Since this day, she's struggled with going. She says there's a boy that isn't very nice to her, so she doesn't want to go... We're changing times and going in the afternoon with Ana's little friend, Sophie! So, now Ana can't wait to go!

Nicholas' Raingutter Ragata

Eric helped Nicholas make his cool boat! I painted the "Y" on it! : ) Nicholas won several times and received an award. He had a lot of fun and only cried at the end when he didn't win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place overall for a trophy. : ) It's builds character, right?!

Pear Berry Buckle

It was a new dessert made in the crock pot. It turned out awesome. We wish we could have shared it with everyone. Here's the link to the recipe. We just used berries instead of cherries and I would recommend using pears in pear juice instead of in syrup b/c it was a little sweet.

What's that growing on your chin?

Yeah, let's just say it wasn't pretty and there was "no lovin" for this scruffy man for a whole week! My thoughts are this...I don't go rubbing my cheek against my hairy legs, why would I want to snuggle up to that scruff???? Facial hair is ultra gross! I said it! It's out in the open for all to see. So, Eric decided he had to document this moment before he shaved it off forever!!!