Monday, October 13, 2008

Julia, the Super Star!

Julia had her 1st Grade Super Star week and loved every minute of it!
Sept. 29- Oct. 3.
On Monday, I brought her poster to school and told a little about Julia.
On Tuesday, we brought in brownies and fruit, her favorite snacks...
On Wednesday, she brought in her favorite book to read to the class, Calvin and Hobbes. Her teacher, Miss Allen, later told me the kids were enthralled with Julia as she read to them the funny stories.
On Thursday, Julia was given a special balloon hat, made by Miss Allen, to wear all day.
On Friday, Spike, the class fish, bowl and all, sat on her desk all day.

We can say it was the best week of 1st grade so far!

BYU/USU football game

So, let's begin... the whole family drove up to Logan for this event, tickets courtesy of Uncle Marc!!! Thank you!!!! While the girls went to their cousins for a 2nd cousin birthday party, the boys and I went to the game. We arrived at the stadium and took our seats just moments before the teams ran onto the field. We were 2 rows up and right behind the BYU players!! It was great! As our team ran onto the field, I experienced something I have never experienced before... The USU student section was boooooing the BYU players. I was shocked and then appalled! After all, I have only attended games at the BYU stadium, so my thoughts were like is this really how people treat us in their stadiums??? I honestly cannot recall being in the BYU stadium and boooooing the opposing team as they ran onto the field. Not to say BYU fans are perfect because they certainly are not. But come on!!!! We hadn't even made a play yet!!! So, now I think I'm disgusted with the USU fans... And I learned that the USU and BYU rivalry is the longest one in the state? I had no idea...

The day we left Marc & Heidi's home. The kids were sad to be leaving cousins...