Monday, October 13, 2008

Julia, the Super Star!

Julia had her 1st Grade Super Star week and loved every minute of it!
Sept. 29- Oct. 3.
On Monday, I brought her poster to school and told a little about Julia.
On Tuesday, we brought in brownies and fruit, her favorite snacks...
On Wednesday, she brought in her favorite book to read to the class, Calvin and Hobbes. Her teacher, Miss Allen, later told me the kids were enthralled with Julia as she read to them the funny stories.
On Thursday, Julia was given a special balloon hat, made by Miss Allen, to wear all day.
On Friday, Spike, the class fish, bowl and all, sat on her desk all day.

We can say it was the best week of 1st grade so far!


Jenny said...

So fun! I'm glad Julia had a week to really shine. What a great confidence builder. She is so beautiful!!

henryteachers said...

She is all girl Stephanie! Such a sweetheart. I loved hearing her describe herself on the video. What a fun teacher to do all those things for her for the star of the week.

Stephanie said...

I know! She has a lovely, soft spoken teacher who really loves her. Julia wrote her teacher a note telling her she loved her and would be very sad when she leaves her class. And to think the year has only just begun and she's already worrying about missing her... Julia's a cutie who really cares about those around her.

Jenny said...

Hi Stephanie! I love your comments ... thanks! To answer your questions about Germany ... we really wanted to visit Germany, Switzerland and/or France, and then turns out someone in Germany (Roseburg connection) was gracious enough to open their home to us. So we're staying with them for part of the trip. And we decided to leave Aaron behind ... he'll be staying with Mike's mom since she doesn't work. It all just kinda fell into place. We're super excited!! And I'll get the scoop on princes and princesses for Julia. :)