Saturday, March 21, 2009

St Patrick's Day

The kids came home with green marker all over their hands and I about flipped! They know I don't like it when they write on themselves and here both Nicholas and Julia had bright green marks all over the tops of their hands!!! Agh!!!!! As I went to scold them, Nicholas and Julia both said, "Mom, Dad wrote the green marker on us so we wouldn't get pinched at school!" Sooooo, I suppose the only logically thing to do was get mad at Eric! : ) My goodness!
So, at school, Julia was introduced to Leprechauns. She came home and wrote this cute note, which I found taped to the driveway, with her green snow boot on top.
It was so cute! A little while later, Julia came running in, just beside herself. She said, "Mom, Leprechauns are not real..." She was so sad. She didn't tell me who told her, but she was pretty upset. (as a side note, Eric and I didn't tell her leprechauns were real to begin with.) But Eric thought he would leave her this note...

Eric said Julia read the note and then scribbled all over it saying, "Dad, that's your handwriting and I know it!" What a funny St. Patty's Day!

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