Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandma Halliday Retires

So, today was the official BYU retirement party for Eric's mom, Irene/Grandma Halliday. It was so fun to see what she has done over the past 21 years as a Music Cataloger in the Harold B. Lee Library Music Dept. She and her good friend, Janet Bradford, sang about their various MLA trips, which was so fun to hear and watch. We all had a good laugh. It was definitely an entertaining program. I wish the kids had been there to see it because it's not everyday that you get to see your Grandma entertaining a crowd! : )
Irene as a little girl. So, sweet!

A student in the library made this cake especially for Irene's party. He said he'd never made a cake before and that it took him 3 hours to frost it. Wow! It's the "Y" mountain with the trail, the cougar, trees, and on the back side was Bridal Veil Falls with it's recent fires and burned trees. It was in impressive piece of geography-art. Eric said it was delicious and we brought some home for the kids.

It was a special day of memories. I captured Eric, Greg, and Dustin giving some funny literary-musical takes of Irene. The college kids who work in the music section of the library also sang a Cannon to Irene, which if I had been thinking, I would have recorded that too. It was so fun and we all wish Irene/Grandma Halliday the best retirement ever!

I recorded this in a couple of takes as my camera battery died.

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Jenny said...

I love that cake! He should start selling them for such events! He could make a fortune. :) Congrats to your mother-in-law! What a sweet day.