Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ana turns 3

(Disclaimer: this should have been posted in June.)
Ana turned 3 years old June 1st and I just found the pictures today. : ) She was a happy little thing as most 3 year-old kids are. She was able to celebrate her day with us and her grandparents. Here she is wearing one of her gifts: a Little Mermaid Dress-up with matching slippers and sparkly wand.

Ana looooves bandaids! In fact, she uses them as if they were stickers much to my frustration... So, we gave her Strawberry Shortcake ones especially for her! And of course she had to put them on right away!

So, Ana changed again. This time into a new church dress, which she loves to wear.

Ana on the phone with Grandpa and Grandma Young.

It was a fun day, especially for Ana. She enjoyed all the attention and loved her dessert, ice cream!


Jenny said...

Happy b-day Ana, you cute little thing!

-Kayley- said...

Stephanie, it's not right that your third child is already three. Did'nt you and Eric just get married a few years ago? Time sure flys by. Ana is such a cutie. Although, I seem to be stuck with the image of her running around in jacey's swimmingsuit and too big shorts that she had to hold up at all times =)