Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pregnancy #6 - Due Date Dec. 29th

I almost forgot to write about this, perhaps, I was hoping to forget completely...

June 25th - ultrasound - 1 baby, looks healthy
July - ultrasound - "it's a girl!" - measuring a little small
July - meeting with Perinatalogist revealed nothing unusual, though baby's growth was a little behind,but within guidelines.
August - feeling pretty yucky...
Sept 7th, 24 week check-up - no heartbeat
Sept. 8th - Admitted to Orem Community hospital @ 5:30am, delivered baby girl around 5:10pm without epidural, (not fun!) Stats: 11" long, 15 oz. with the tiniest fingers and toes. Baby's death determined by twisted umbilical cord. Home by 9:30pm.

Days to follow included -
physically feeling so much better,
having my friends homemade dinners and visits,
sympathy cards and phone calls,
having more flowers than ever throughout our home,
getting out of speaking at Stake Conference Adult Session,
being asked to be a "ma" on the Stake Youth Conference Trek next June,
given a book written by Elder Uchtdorf "The Remarkable Woman",
being visited by the entire Stake Presidency,
discovering 2 kidney stones,
being upset when someone thought I'd miscarried!!! - My mind would scream out, "No I had a stillborn!" "My body still thought it was pregnant. There's nothing wrong with how my body functions in pregnancy!" - not sure why I cared about this technicality,
enveloping myself in our Relief Society's Thrifty Thursday,
having tearful moments each time I was asked about the baby and each time I heard our ward choir sing in sacrament meeting: "Come Unto Him" and Consider the Lilies",
getting past the tearful parts and moving on... despite Ana repeatedly bringing her up to me and her friends that her baby died and playing with her dolls, where all the mom's die, etc... (at least she's dealing with her emotions),
finding out Aflac won't cover it because they see this as just a hospitalization and Humana won't cover it because it's considered maternity... Is it any wonder why insurances are such a pain to work with??
Glad to be on the mend - mentally and physically.

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