Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cascade Springs

Early one evening, we took the kids up to Cascade Springs,which is up American Fork Canyon, about 45 min East of our home. The outing was fun! The kids enjoyed hiking around, seeing fish, playing in the water, searching for "stuff", etc... BTW it was buggy!!!

Does this picture give you cause for reflection of anything? I sometimes feel like that green spot...solitary and seemingly strong, but with life churning around me like that swift moving water, I wonder if I should just jump in and move with it! It certainly would be a bit easier...

Here is the bridge over which we all walked safely across.
(Grateful for the bridges in our lives that help us in times of need.)

A Bee or Hornet Hive!!!

We ended up making a huge subway sandwich from a large loaf of french bread, turkey, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese, olives, pickles, miracle whip, and mustard. It was delish!

Eric decided to go home over the mountain into Heber and what a ride that was! The road/gravel road was horrendous, at times we thought we should return, but "how" as the road was too narrow to maneuver 360 degrees!!! Arrrr! So, without further ado, we safely made it to Heber's Dairy Keen for dessert! I was grumpy and just wanted to go home. I don't care much for impromptu adventures, but the kids enjoyed themselves, so I suppose that's the best part!

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