Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julia turns 7 on July 30th!

Julia enjoying her pink bubblegum and dark chocolate ice cream outside Maggie Moo's.

Julia... Let's just say she is the easiest child we could ever have! She's a helper, a peacemaker, a little mama to every little person, a voracious reader, artist, singer, a very patient little lady with a sweet disposition, and the list goes on. She truly is a gem to have in our home. We are so blessed! She celebrated her birthday with her cousin, Caleb, in St. George and enjoyed all the time she spent there. Then we came back to celebrate her birthday at home. She had a wonderful time opening gifts, being sung to, eating ice cream at Maggie Moo's, and having a little time in the spotlight. It was a special day for a special girl!


Veronica said...

It was fun getting to see you all for your quick trip! There are some fun pictures at the pool from your visit on dropshots!
Happy Birthday Julia! We love you!

Diann Ruesch said...

She is so cute! Little smiley girl, it's rare that we get to see her enjoying the spotlight so much! So glad that she got to share her birthday with Caleb!