Monday, July 6, 2009

Ron & Irene's Mission Call

Ron & Irene received their mission call and will be serving in Frankfurt, Germany for 18months. They will report to the Missionary Training Center July 13th and leave for Germany July 24th. They will be serving in the Outreach Program with the Young Adults. They are very excited and anxious to get going. Their farewell is Sunday, July 12th at 11am. We are happy for them and sad to see them go. My kids will be without all grandparents for the 1st time ever!!! And are already mourning them not being here for baptisms, birthdays, holidays, Sunday dinners, etc... There's no doubt it's a sacrifice to serve in a mission, but the blessings will be wonderful! We can't wait to see them next December 2010. Hopefully, they'll be home for the holidays!!! : )


Jenny said...

Congrats! How exciting for them. They will LOVE Germany. I did! ;)

Diann Ruesch said...

So cool! What a neat thing for them to do! And somebody was very excited that they went into the MTC on their birthday. :)