Monday, July 6, 2009

Nicholas and Basketball Camp

Nicholas and his friend, Jacob Dutton, attended Lone Peak Basketball Camp at the high school for the 1st week in June. Let's just say...Nicholas would have gone to b-ball camp everyday for the entire summer and would have looooooved every minute of it!!

He was given many awards throughout the week for being such a good hustler! He plays hard and keeps asking me which way I shoot better, etc... I keep telling him I played volleyball and that he needs to ask his Aunt Diann b/c she played for many years and is a great shooter! : )
Ahhh...what would summer be like without fun sports camps? Nicholas says booooring!!! hehe


Jenny said...

Cute athletic kiddos you have :)

Diann Ruesch said...

Well, he can sure ask me, but don't know if I would be at ton of help. :)He's a perfectionist in that isn't he? Just imagine how awesome he will be when he gets older. Nicholas the super star b-ball player!