Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Survivor Ward Campout

Grace Richards, Emma Holmes, Ana, & Julia

Our ward had the best planned camp out ever! It was the 6th Ward Survivor service activity. We were divided into different groups, had to come up with a chant, wore colored bandannas, played games to earn different things... we won the "sandals of peace." It all began on Friday at noon and ended Saturday evening. We had a blast. Eric stayed over night at Mutual Dell with Nicholas, Julia, and Ana while Hugh and I went home. Hugh and I came back the next morning to play relays, eat some more, ride the zip line, and Eric even won the cake eating contest!

It was the perfect weekend. The kids had so much fun just being out in the mountains with no worry about keeping themselves clean. It was so relaxing for all of us. The girls literally lived in the sand. On the way home, Julia decided to take off her tennis shoes and sand poured out like a waterfall. Ugh!!! The kids had a good time vacuuming out the van. : )

Our neighbors: Lanae Clark, John & Mary McDaniel

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