Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Nephew/Cousin Britt!

His life was too short and yet, I learned much from him! Please take a moment if you will and visit his obituary.

We spoke with Nicholas and Julia the night of Britt's passing. We read out of the scriptures and answered their questions of whether we would see Britt again, what does a spirit look like, etc... It was a nice teaching moment and it made me feel so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel. It truly helps us understand that we will one day see Britt again and what a sweet reunion that will be!

A few memories we have of Britt are...


I think Britton was 15-16 years old. We were all at Mom's and Dad's house on a Sunday evening. It seems like Britton was just getting into lifting weights, and wanted to arm wrestle some of his uncles. I was happy to comply with his request, thinking that I, because of my age, should be able to beat him. Well, the arm wrestle was over quick, it wasn't really that close. Britton was victorious. He pranced around the room chanting something like "Uncle Eric lost to a 15 yr old!" While I didn't really love losing to my nephew, I remember thinking that if I started hitting the gym we could have a rematch someday, and that I might fare better the next time. Then Britton's bicepts got massive. Thoughts of a rematch went quickly out the door. I'm now left feeling grateful that by getting beat, I added in some small way to the Britton's happiness in his way too short life.


My first memory of Britton was when Eric and I were engaged. Britton would always say, "Hi, Stephanie" and give me a hug. I was always taken back by this as I thought, "I hardly know him. Why would he give ME a hug?" Over the years, Britton has always come in and given me a hug and said, " Hi, Aunt Stephanie!" I realize this isn't much to some, but this always made my day. And while he probably gave everyone else the same attention, I always felt he really cared about "Aunt Stephanie." (It's a trait I admire... He simply cared about others and everyone knew it. He was confident in who he was regardless of what others thought. It was as if he was mature beyond his young teen years.


Britt always said to me, "Hey, Bro!" because he knew I was a Bro, you know.


Britt always said, "Hey Ju!" or "Hey, Ju, Ju!"


I'm sad Britton died.


Dustin and Juls said...

That is so sweet. I love Nicholas'. And I agree with you, he always made me feel welcome, even when Dustin and I were just dating.

henryteachers said...

Stephanie and Eric,
We're so sorry for the loss of your nephew. Greg had been talking to me about this student at his high school who passed away and we had no idea you were related to him. What a wonderful teaching moment you shared with your children.
Mindy :)

Stephanie said...

Mindy, I forgot Greg taught at Springville High School. Britton had so many friends. The stake center was completely filled to the stage at his funeral. It has been hard knowing he is no longer with us. I've cried a little everyday since he passed. Life will go on, I know, but we will miss him oh, so much.
On a lighter note, many of his friends spoke at the funeral and shared a side of Brit that was just hilarious! He believed he was Superman and could do anything... : ) We love Britt and his funny self!

Jenny said...

Stephanie, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your nephew. He sounds incredible! What a joy that you knew him. It's moments like this that cause me to reflect on how fragile life really is. Thanks for your sweet post - it's such a nice tribute to him and his family. I wish I was there to give you and your family hugs! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you Jenny! : ) My sister-in-law, Britt's mom said, it really makes you think about what's really important. So, true, huh? It made me want to hold each of my kids and never let go. It's been really hard... harder than I thought and he's not even my son. Thanks for your sweet words. : )

Jenny said...

Okay, I love the song you chose for your blog! Mind if I use it on mine as well?? :) You just have great taste in all things! ;)

Stephanie said...

Please do! I love it too!!! : )
Michael Buble' is a fav in our house. We saw him in concert. He's soo talented, but could you a little cleanup in his stage act...
Enjoy the song!